7 traits in older women which younger men find attractive:

Mature Dating

"Why are men attracted to older women? That’s a question which millions of beautiful, young and single women are asking themselves every day! Older women dating younger men is quite the rage these days. Men nowadays have become more open minded towards cougar dating and why shouldn’t they be? After all with cougars like Demi Moore, Madonna , Kim Cattrall and Susan Sarandon who in the right mind won’t drool over the idea of a dating such mature, beautiful, experienced women! "

Here are 7 traits in older women which younger men find attractive:

1) No-Strings-Attached
Cougar dating is easy because it comes with a strict no-strings-attached policy! Older women are very clear and forthright; at the very beginning of the relationship, they declare their expectations and announce their level of commitment or the lack of it. Either way, they don’t carry any baggage or drama and men feel more comfortable with them because they are assured that there are no special restrictions or conditions in the relationship.

2) Their poise
It’s a known fact that men are more attracted to women with a degree of poise and self-assurance. With confident and self-assured women they can have more meaningful conversations and a lot less babble. Cougar dating is better because they know themselves and they are open to different things. They are confident in their own abilities and aren’t looking for a knight in shining armor, which obviously most men find attractive!
3) They know what men want
Older women dating younger men is exciting because cougars have had their fair share of relationships and so the know what men want, expect and like in the bedroom and outside. These women are eager to discover all the desires of their men. Also, they are always open to learning and try new things.
4) They are independent
Men love that older women are so independent and comfortable being on their own. They get by just fine without a man by their side. The fact that they don’t need a man, they aren’t needy or clingy makes them all the more attractive.
5) Open to communication
When I say communication, I mean sexual communication. Younger women are quite timid about sexual communication and their sexual needs. This is often frustrating for men and a major reason why they are more attracted to older women.
6) They don’t play games
While they enjoy a game or two in the bedroom, they don’t indulge in sexual politics. Mature women dating younger men is a smooth sail because cougars don’t play games and they are clear in what they want, how they feel and they say what they have in mind every time. This clarity is what men appreciate the most about them.
7) They know sex is important
When it comes to sex age is nothing but a number. Cougars realize the importance of sex but they don’t use it as a bargaining chip. They appreciate the emotional and physical benefits of sex and that is just what men want in a relationship.