The Realities of Mature Women Young Men Relationships

Mature Dating

It is now commonplace that dating has brought more harm than good. This is especially true given that there are many broken relationships among the couples so much that some of them have become victims of depression, stress and in extreme cases murder. Most of the victims of bad dating experiences have either chosen to remain single or looking for an older partner who they claim are more mature and sensitive to their feelings. Most men are actually finding it much more risky dating younger women out of fear of being swindled their money.

This is mostly experienced by men who do online dating. According to the Online Dating Magazine, some men have actually fallen victims of false misrepresentations on the part of their partners whom they claim have either given wrong information about themselves only for the victims to realize later when they actually meet their online partners. Besides that, some partners have actually claimed to be single only to be confirmed later that they are married. Of course women have also fallen prey to these online deception but it is men that suffer the most due to the heavy investment of their money when they are trying to impress not only their partners but also the families of their partners.

It is for these reasons that most young men prefer older women dating. According to research conducted on over 450,000 online daters by Elite Singles in 2015, young men of around the age of 20-29 prefer cougar dating. Psychologists have cited one of the major reasons for this is change in gender roles. Men are actually finding out that women are equally good at roles that were traditionally meant for men while at the same time taking care of their families. The bottom line is this: young men prefer older women to younger women because they are much more independent.

Most of these cougars are successful business people who do not necessarily need to depend on men financially. She has a mind of her own, does not follow what most of her friends think but rather she knows exactly what she wants and she is willing to go extra mile to please her younger partner in order to get what she wants. Besides, she is not into playing games with her young boyfriend unlike younger women who like to play mind games with their partners.

Older women dating is much more fulfilling for a younger man since the cougar actually nurtures the man in him. She has a life and identity which she wants to share with her partner unlike younger women who still wants their partners to give them identity in their dating world. Cougars are also open to new adventures, are much more experienced in bed and she can actually teach a younger man new perspectives to dating and she is less needy of attention or finances from a man. And what else would a young man yearn for?

Despite the above advantages of cougar dating, there are other realities that younger men have to face. Society has not embraced this type of dating especially in some cultures so the man may have to face rejection from the society. Besides, some of these older women may have their dark past which they want to bring to their present relationship like children, ex-boyfriends, divorce etc. Such women may also want more from you in terms of experiencing new stuff.